apromace data systems GmbH

Am Bahnhof 7
09599 Freiberg

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Directions (Overview):

Arrival by car:

Freiberg can be reached using the federal motorway BAB 4. Leave the federal motorway at the exit Siebenlehn and follow state road B101 in the direction Freiberg. Traveling from Dresden or Chemnitz use state road B173.

Coming from Leipzig Freiberg can be reached on the federal motorways BAB 14 and BAB 4. Leave the federal motorway BAB 14 at the interchange Nossen in the direction Erfurt.

In Freiberg follow the signs to the train station.

Parking possibilities:

There are parking lots in front of the train station (2,00 Euro/Day), in the side roads and behind the apromace head office (Attention: narrow entrance).

Arrival by train:

Freiberg is connected to the federal railway network by the “Sachsen-Franken-Magistrale” (Nürnberg-Dresden). Coming from southern germany travel in the direction of Dresden and from eastern germany take the local train to Zwickau or Hof central station. From northern or western germany, traveling via Leipzig, change to the “Sachsen-Franken-Magistrale” either in Chemnitz or in Dresden.

The access to the apromace head office is located opposite to the train station.


50.909413 (N), 13.344096 (E)