Thermal analysis package apromaceTA


The apromaceTA thermal analysis package consists of the analysis and evaluation software apromaceTA, which is offered in conjunction with different sample moisteners to contain a defined quantity of liquid metal and the appropriate measuring hardware.
In the field of measuring hardware, different analogue / digital converters (A / D converters) as well as various thermocouples certified according to ITS-90 can be offered on request.
The liquid metal sensors and sampling systems from the company Technical Service Kuehn GmbH are distinguished by precision and precision, achieved by inorganic binder systems, ceramic materials and high-precision thermocouples type K with calibration certificate.
AccuVo-Cup® or open crucibles are suitable for the sampling of molten metal with a maximum pouring temperature of 1420 ° C (light metals, copper-base alloys, GJS, GJV).
The fiber-ceramic samplers (pouring spoons) for sampling molten iron or other chemically compatible metal melts are offered in various sizes

Hardware support

For data acquisition, apromaceTA can communicate with a large number of data modules with a sampling rate of up to 50 Hz. The protocols RS232, RS485 and Modbus RTU are used in this context.
The support for the implementation of new adapters is an important unique feature of apromace data systems GmbH. Together with our project partner Technical Service Kuehn GmbH, which specializes in the production and sale of foundry technology, the package includes the thermal analysis software apromaceTA as well as the analogue / digital converters, the corresponding fiber ceramic samplers, a selection of open and closed crucibles (for example AccuVo®) and a range of high-precision thermocouples (Type K, S and N).

What is the use of apromaceTA?

  • Efficient determination and comprehensive presentation of characteristic points in the cooling curves of metal melts
  • Curve analysis in real time
  • Standardization of the pouring temperature by simultaneous filling of the AccuVo-Cup® chambers
  • Direct calculation of metallurgical characteristics based on analytical and statistical functions
  • Display of the parameters for the description of the casting structure
  • Presentation of the effect and calculation of the pulling amount of e.g. inoculants
  • Based allocation of all measured values as well as the optional integration of the thermoanalysis into the foundry MES apromaceGUSS
  • Support of new and conventional hardware for highly accurate low-noise temperature detection

Extension of the chemical analysis apromaceTA

  • Presentation of relevant transformations and microstructures – development in real time
  • Statements about the content of important alloying elements of a metal melt without the use of spectroscopy enable the fast fine correction even before the casting.

An additional regular calibration of the fraction of important elements of a metal melt by a spectroscopy / combustion analysis increases the statistical loadability of the results of the thermoanalysis on cooling curves of metal melts.